Some of the projects in which we are currently involved


COREON is a commission of the Federa (Federation of Dutch Medical Scientific Societies). MLCF is house adviser to COREON.

Revision of the Code of Conduct for Health Research

Evert-Ben van Veen was the author of the current COREON codes of conduct for the responsible use of data and human tissue in health research. These codes need to be revised. MLCF is doing the secretarial work for this and co-authoring the text. For more information, see the project site.

ELSI Servicedesk

The Dutch ELSI Servicedesk provides researchers, professionals, ethicists, jurists, policy advisers, patients and patient representative bodies with advice on ELSI questions (Ethical, Legal Social Implications) surrounding (observational) health research. MLCF is one of the house advisers to the ELSI Service Desk.

Ethical aspects of public cloud infrastructure in medical-genetic research

Genomic research demands in particular large data and computing capacity. Commercial providers such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon supply so-called public cloud infrastructure. Together with the Health-RI ELSI Servicedesk, MLCF has been commissioned by the Hartwig Medical Foundation (HMF) to research the responsible use of this public cloud infrastructure for data-intensive scientific health research.

Other recent projects

  • Study of the review procedures for medical research which does not fall under the Dutch Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act (WMO).
  • A DPIA for the KWF (Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds) IMAGINE project.
  • A detailed data protection handbook for the department of Research and Business Intelligence of the local authority of Rotterdam.
  • The collaboration agreement and the privacy document for the Hebon study.

European (EC funded) projects

Additionally we are proud to contribute to a number of fascinating IMI and H2020 research projects, in particular: IDEA-FASTTrials@Home, RECAP-preterm,  and HEAP-exposome.