Publication on the application of the GDPR concerning health data

Feb 12, 2021

door Nebojsa Savic

Last year Evert-Ben van Veen spent quite some time contributing with NIVEL and others towards an  “Assessment of the EU Member States’ rules on health data in the light of GDPR”, a study commissioned by the European Commission, DG SANTE.

The report is finally out. Interesting from the perspective of comparative law are the country comparisons describing the MS rules concerning processing health data for health care provision, public health and research. It hardly comes as a surprise that there is much variation. Other parts of the report discuss ways to overcome the present fragmentation. Those parts are both legal and political.

You can find the press release of the report here. The report can be found via this link.  The report is quite long and the full the country reports (fiches) are published separately. It has been quite a job where Evert-Ben’s contribution was relatively small compared to that of others in team. The report could not have been completed without the expertise and dedication of many. Now for the next phase, or phases actually: what can we learn from the various MS approaches and from the conclusions of the Commission?  How much harmonization do we want and need and most importantly, in what direction?

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